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IPhone Mobile Prices In Australia – Apple Phones AUS1

Apple iPhone Xr
AUD 1,049
Apple iPhone XS
AUD 1,399
Apple iPhone X
AUD 1,399
Apple iPhone 8
AUD 1,134
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In 2015, there were some seriously high profile releases of smartphones in Australia which boosted the sales of smartphones in the country. The devices launched in 2016 have had large screens, tighter security, rapid charging and numerous other technological enhancements. All of these technological breakthroughs ensure a swift surge in sales volumes in Australia which in 2015 measures up to 4%.

Australian smartphone market has remained a competitive one for international players like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Huawei etc. However, the main competition has remained between two smartphone giants – iPhone and Samsung. iPhone has traditionally dominated the Australian smartphone industry has still has the major share in smartphone market of Australia. The trend seems to continue in 2016, where iPhone is leading the market with nearly 35% sales volume in Australian market. Moreover, the latest release of iPhones including iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus with larger screen has ignited the consumers in Australian market. Customers who previously switched to other platforms mainly Android, for bigger screens have started to revert back to IOS operating system. The iPhone sales volume in 2015 for Australia was 3.5 million – which clearly indicated the authority and reputation of iPhones among Australian users.

A quick look at the historic preferences of Australian customers with respect to their smartphone choice reveals that Australian customers had remained brand loyal over the years. iPhone gained market quickly when it was first launched in the country’s market and from then onwards has remained the single most influential smartphone in the market. What this means for iPhone is that it is highly unlikely that their present users will switch to other platforms, rather they will prefer to switch between devices of IOS for upgradation or other reasons. In fact, one third of iPhone market share in Australia had remained consistent over the period of three years – which shows the reliability and loyalty associated with the iPhone. What really helped iPhone to capture Australian market was the late release of some of the high-end Android based smartphones. Since best Android devices arrived late in market, iPhone was able to capture loyalty of majority of Australian consumers which since then had remained so with some exceptions.

Currently, iPhone captures nearly 38% of market shares in market – making it the single largest smartphone shareholder in the market. Samsung is the only serious competitor to dominance of iPhone in Australia, and it only lags behind iPhone by close proximity. A month by month review of smartphone sales in Australia will reveal that often there is a switch in market dominance between iPhone and Android based devices. However, the release of APPLE’s smartwatch might act as game changer. However, only time will tell if the watch actually perform well for APPLE, as for now sales for APPLE’s smartwatch remains in shadows across the world and in Australia.


Overall, iPhone has endured a great success and growth in Australian smartphone market. The company has been able to get hold of country’s consumers’ nerves and buy the consumers’ loyalty with its features and reliability. The launch of bigger screen iPhones will only help boost iPhones sales in the coming years.