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Huawei Mobile Prices In Australia – Huawei Phones AUS

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Top international brands like iPhone and Samsung are feeling the heat of this rapid growth in smartphones sales by Huawei. In fact, Huawei has become the third most selling brand in Australian market with its market shares reaching as high as 4.9%. Australian market has been traditionally dominated by iPhone and Samsung and over the years they have ruled the industry without any serious competition. However, Huawei mobiles have hit their dominance hard, where the company saw unprecedented sales for its mid-tier G-8 smartphone in 2016’s first quarter.

Apart from mid-tier smartphones that are traditionally associated with Huawei, the company has started its sales for high-end exquisite smartphones with higher price tag. The latest release of Huawei P9 and Huawei P9 Plus is the company’s latest bet in high-tier smartphones range. The flagship P9 and P9 Plus has been received brilliantly in global smartphone community with sales breaking all records. In Australian smartphone market, P9 and P9 Plus has been performing exceptionally – helping further boost the sales for Chinese giant. Overall, the global market share for Huawei has grown to a record level of 8.5%.

The company seems focused in bringing out exquisite smartphones with seamless design and technological breakthroughs. This has rather helped company to establish their authority in Australian market that has been traditionally dominated by Samsung and iPhones. The high-end phones are now performing better than ever for Huawei, thanks to some serious research and technological innovation incorporated by company.

Huawei flagship P9 comprise of a brilliant 5.2 inch (FHD) screen with a robust 64-bit Huawei Kirin 955 display, the phone is powered by octa-core processor and 3GB Ram. Perhaps the most amazing thing is its dual 12MP rear camera that has seek attention of Australian consumers widely. The phone runs on latest Android 6.0 and boost a powerful battery of 3000mAh. Huawei P9 Plus comprise of 5.5 inch (FHD) screen, powered by octa-core processor with 4GB Ram, 12MP dual rear camera, 8MP selfie camera and a strong 3,400mAh battery.

These powerful specs and seamless designs have helped Huawei boost its sales globally, where the company reported a 64% jump in sales for first quarter of 2016 compared to same quarter in 2015. The company has already shipped 29.8 million smartphone units globally in the first quarter of 2016.

Overall, Huawei mobiles has become a renowned and world’s leading smartphone manufacturing brand with its sales growing exceptionally across the world. Australian consumers have also shown their interest in going after Huawei’s high-end premium handsets that combines flawless designs with innovative features. In coming years, Huawei is expected to continue its patrol towards capturing more and more marketshare in Australian smartphone market, provided the company keep its pace with innovation and uniqueness.