Vivo Mobile Phone Prices In Australia And Full Specifications

Vivo is the 5th largest smartphone brand, owned by BBK Electronics, had founded in China in 2009, and started its international expansion in 2014. The Company had reached more than 100 countries. They inspired the young people by fulfilling their advanced needs about technology around the world and embraced self-confidence, Vivo targeted the Asian Pacific regions including Australia.

Vivo had been started shipping Vivo mobile phones in Sydney (Australia) a couple of years ago. Now, Vivo Mobile Phones are very popular in Australia, as the Vivo mobiles offer some unique experiences e.g. the first under-screen Fingerprint smartphone in Australia, the Vivo X21 UD was launched by Vivo mobile.

The brand’s slogan is “Camera and Music” it’s a big edge of Vivo mobiles for the people in Australia. As the vivo says, Photography is a way that people express themselves and share their joys with fellows. Vivo V7 Plus, with the 24MP Rear Camera, had been the famous Vivo camera smartphone in Australia. The First Pop-up Selfie Camera phone in Australia, Vivo Nex S (with Full View Display) was launched by the Vivo mobile.

Music is also fantasy and a fantastic way to entertain others by using smartphones. To achieve this purpose, Vivo manfactures Hi-Fi chipset based smartphones for high quality audio performance. The first smartphone having Hi-Fi chip was Vivo X1.

Vivo launches low to mid range smartphones, not high-end. Although Vivo mobile prices in Australia are reasonable as compared to their features, they are still lower than Apple and Samsung mobile prices in Australia. You should select Vivo Y-series for a low-end smartphone, while Vivo V, Vivo X and Vivo Z series for a mid-range smartphone.

Here we listed some latest Vivo Mobiles in Australia.

Vivo Nex 3s: The high-end Vivo smartphone, Nex 3s 5G has a 6.89-inches Super AMOLED Display of 1080x2256p (FHD+) resolution. The smartphone houses a Qualcomm SD865, an Octa-core processor coupled with an Adreno GPU. The Nex 3s 5g offers a triple Rear Camera setup including a 64MP main sensor. Also, there is a 16MP front-facing selfie shooter. The cell phone is fueled by a 4500mAh non-removable battery with 44W fast charging. Vivo Nex 3s 5g arrives in such RAM and ROM configuration, 8GB/256GB & 12GB/256GB respectively. Vivo Nex 3s 5G Price in AUSTRALIA is AUD 970.

Vivo iQOO Neo 3: The device brings a 6.57–inch IPS LCD Display of 1080x2408pixels (FHD+) resolution. The Vivo Iqoo Neo3 5g comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon865, an Octa-core chipset, and an Adreno GPU. Coming to the optics, the IQoo Neo3 5G carries a Triple Rear camera setup including a 48MP main sensor. There is also a Selfie 16MP Shooter. The cell phone arrives in 6GB/8GB/12GB RAM and 128GB/256GB ROM. Vivo IQoo Neo3 5G house a 4500mAh non-removable battery with 44W fast charging support. The Vivo iQOO Neo 3 Price in AUSTRALIA is AUD 770.

Vivo Y50: It is a budget friendly smartphone getting a 6.53 -inch IPS LCD Display of 1080x2400 pixels (FHD+) resolution. The Vivo Y50 comes with Qualcomm SDM665, an Octa-core chipset, and an Adreno610 GPU. Coming to the optics, the Vivo carries a Quad Rear camera setup including a 13MP main sensor. There is also a 32MP Selfie Shooter. The cell phone arrives in 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. Vivo Y50 houses a 5000mAh non-removable battery with 15W fast charging support. The Price of Vivo Y50 in AUSTRALIA is AUD 350.

Vivo Y3s
ViVo Y3s
AUD 238
Vivo X51 5G
ViVo X51 5G
AUD 910
Vivo Y11s
ViVo Y11s
AUD 252
Vivo Y20s
ViVo Y20s
AUD 279
Vivo Y73s 5G
ViVo Y73s 5G
AUD 420
Vivo X50e 5G
ViVo X50e 5G
AUD 658
Vivo Y51
ViVo Y51
AUD 308
Vivo V20
ViVo V20
AUD 462
Vivo V20 Pro
ViVo V20 Pro
AUD 644
Vivo V20 SE
ViVo V20 SE
AUD 363
Vivo Y20i
ViVo Y20i
AUD 217
Vivo Y20
ViVo Y20
AUD 231
Vivo Y51s
ViVo Y51s
AUD 419
Vivo Y1s
ViVo Y1s
AUD 168
Vivo S7
ViVo S7
AUD 658
Vivo V19 Neo
ViVo V19 Neo
AUD 532
Vivo Y70s 5G
ViVo Y70s
AUD 420
Vivo iQOO U1
ViVo iQOO U1
AUD 238
Vivo iQOO Z1
ViVo iQOO Z1
AUD 420
Vivo Y30
ViVo Y30
AUD 238
Vivo V19
ViVo V19
AUD 476
Vivo X50 Pro
ViVo X50 Pro
AUD 840
Vivo X50
ViVo X50
AUD 672
Vivo S6 5G
ViVo S6
AUD 462
Vivo NEX 3s 5G
ViVo NEX 3s
AUD 882
Vivo Z6 5G
ViVo Z6 5G
AUD 462
Vivo Y70
ViVo Y70
AUD 406
Vivo Y50
ViVo Y50
AUD 350
Vivo Y9s
ViVo Y9s
AUD 364
vivo S1 Pro
ViVo S1 Pro
AUD 420
Vivo U20
ViVo U20
AUD 210
Vivo Z5i
ViVo Z5i
AUD 420
Vivo X30 Pro
ViVo X30 Pro
AUD 826
Vivo Y5s
ViVo Y5s
AUD 280
Vivo X30 5G
ViVo X30 5G
AUD 630
Vivo S5
ViVo S5
AUD 490
Vivo U3
ViVo U3
AUD 224
Vivo U3x
ViVo U3x
AUD 154
Vivo U10
ViVo U10
AUD 168
Vivo NEX 3 5G
ViVo NEX 3 5G
AUD 1,120
Vivo Z1X
ViVo Z1X
AUD 280
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