Mi CC9 Vs Reno Z

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Mi CC9 Vs Reno Z

Xiaomi and Oppo are head to head in front of each other. Both the siblings are fighting for their newer product lines. Consider, you are holding a Mi CC9 in the first hand while a brand new Reno Z on the second one, which the smartphone you select to purchase? Both the two devices are giving a tough time to the opponent for their amazing features, but in the final, you have to select one, whether its Mi CC9 or Reno Z. Let’s begin the competition to find out which one is batter.


Design and Display

Take a glance at Mi CC9 and Reno Z for a few seconds, and you feel they have identical front and of similar size i.e. a big 19.5:9 display with a trivial V-shaped selfie notch above. It is because of those two phones approach similar dimensions, and even both opponents CC and Reno used to fabricate plastic frame and glass on the front as well as back.

All is okay before coming to the rear. Chic & Cool team hired Three Photo Snappers at the top-left corner; however, the Reno deployed only Two Soldiers in the top-center of the back. Both they accompany LED flash and have vertical alignment. In other words, Reno Z reduced the number of lenses and changed their positions - it feels sometimes aggressive.

Talking about how large the two phones are? Mi CC9 measures 6.4inches when Reno Z determines 6.3inches for the screen. That’s mean the difference is negligible, and buyers can get either one for watching and browsing. Don’t worry about the display quality, as it also same Super AMOLED FHD+, and even both they occupied 85% screen-to-body ratio. Give a big hand to Gorilla Glass 5 for protecting these two gadgets.

Surprisingly, the two fighters armed with Under-Display Fingerprint Technology.

MIUI 10 Vs ColorOS 6

Xiaomi and Oppo smartphones are running on Android 9.0 (Pie) OS, thus both they have the same software standard. What differs those two gadgets are their relative interface. Mi CC9 used to wear MIUI 10 while Reno Z joins the party in ColorOS 6 dressing.

Here a Xiaomi user feels difficult switching to ColorOS while an Oppo fan gets it tough to migrate to MIUI platform. Anyways, both the interfaces have their unique pros and cons. For example, MIUI 10 is faster in performance but it lacks App Drawer (which you need to install by the third party) and shows ads (an aggressive fact). However, ColorOS 6 does not bring such ads and it has App Drawer and Hyper Boost technology for gaming but ColorOS is unable to catch MIUI 10 speed.


48MP Vs 48MP (Camera Comparison)

The Mi CC9 has three while the Reno Z gets two cameras. An extra ultrawide lens is a big advantage of Xiaomi mobile over the opponent. Camera configuration is as such 48 MP (f/1.8) wide + 8 MP ultrawide + 2 MP depth sensors for CC9, whereas the Reno Z carries 48 MP (f/1.7) + 5 MP depth shooters.

When we judge two sides photography, Reno Z comes as the better option for sharper, brighter images of a wider f/1.7 lens for 48MP cam. Unfortunately, the less wide f/1.8 lens of 48MP of Mi CC9 captures lower light which results in less bright pictures. Oppo smartphone sports more beauty filters and clever tricks for enhanced low-light photography. The depth detailed shots of Reno is a bit higher revolutionary than Xiaomi’s one.

With the CC9, one can draw the best group shots and capture landmarks for the extra field of view, thanks to ultrawide.

Video rec: Both the two phones are capable of 4k video shooting. The Oppo mobile gets support for gyro-EIS to create movies without any leg while walking (this feature is absent in the Mi competitor). However, Xiaomi smartphone lets you make Super Slow-mo HD videos at 960fps, which the Oppo may forget to install in Reno Z.

Selfie Battle: No one ready to leave the ground in this competition. Mi CC9 and Reno Z have same 32MP Selfie Camera even of same f/2.0 aperture, and further both they support HDR shots, and only capable of FHD video calling. They are a lot like each other and give similar selfie results, only their unique filter by their OS differ them.


Snapdragon 710 Vs Helio P90

Xiaomi device packs inside a Snapdragon 710, a 10 nm processor. However, Reno Z is getting the power of Helio P90, a 12nm chipset. The theory is saying the Mi phone is more efficient, but in practice the Reno Z feels smoother, playing faster, and this may probably due to Hyper Boost technology. Let’s take assist of benchmarking reports for an easy calculation of total output.

AnTuTu awarded Mi CC9 a score of 179,911 while the Reno Z scored 227,266 for overall performance. Fortunately, Reno wins over the opponent for overall performance. Oppo accelerates software performance not only hardware, whereas the Xiaomi focused on just hardware. Thus, we get Reno Z faster and more capable.

Both Xiaomi and Oppo are available to start at 6GB RAM and go up to 8GB one. They are allowed to pair with 128GB and 256GB memory. You can get Mi handset also in cheaper 64GB option, while Reno not.


Life Endurance

Mi CC9 lives a bit longer than Reno Z; this is perhaps due to 10nm SoC inside. Xiaomi and Oppo used to equip same Li-Po 4,030 mAh battery. Therefore, there is a negligible difference between endurance ratings.

Many people wish to get a quick single charge for a full day, and Oppo makes it easier by offering a 20W VOOC Fast Charge with Reno Z. Xiaomi Mi CC9 also offers fast charging, but a downgraded 18W Charge.



The Price of same 6/128GB Mi CC9 is $280 while the Reno Z costs $360, and there is 80 dollar difference, but what you should do now. There is no clear winner because of their maintained pros and cons. If Reno Z offers a bit higher photography, the Mi CC9 provides an extra ultrawide shot and Super Slow-mode too, both they are sufficiently large for display and bring similar batteries. We recommend you to purchase Mi CC9 as the best alternative of Reno Z for approaching to the almost same specs, and also it is more affordable, although Reno Z has some upgrades these upgrades, not an $80 value.

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