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Nokia N1 VS Jolla Tablet, Features and Specifications Comparison

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Communication technology is probably the one that is providing the maximum business to the manufacturers of such devices. This is the time of computer and smartphones that includes phablets and tablets as well. In the race of competition each manufacturer is coming up with new features in their new products to beat the competitors in this field. They have a vast field ahead and it seems the production of communication devices will never come to an end. The two products we have selected here for our review and comparison are Nokia N1 and Jolla tablets.

Nokia N1 is the combined production of Nokia and Foxconn. This is the first product by a Finnish company Foxconn which seems to be sort of joint venture between the two companies as a strategic policy meter in business by Nokia and is termed as a bold movement by Nokia. N1 is identical in size as iPad Mini 3 but is $150 less in price by the Apple’s mini tablet; maybe to attract the customers in the market. This is the sustention difference in price and maybe Nokia is still doing good business despite this reduction. Jolla-Vs-N1

The other tablet we are discussing is Jolla from Jolla a Finnish company. It is in fact replacement of Jolla smartphones launched a year back and is on sale in 31 countries of the world. Now there is something interesting about the introduction of Jolla 7.9 inches tablet. It was introduced before weeks at Slush 2014 conference in Helsinki in a crowed funding campaign. It was announced before the audience and offered for sale when launched however the audience could book the device at competitive prices at the conference. It really gave the good results; in two hours only an amount of $380,000 were collected. The first 1000 devices were booked for $189 each and the next 1000 tablets were booked for $199 each. Company has a plane to launch 2000 more on price of $204 each plus $20 for shipping. Still quite a few days are left for this crowed funding campaign. However it is not going to break the record of $19 million raised earlier for a smartphone.

Both the tablets N1 and Jolla are trying their best to beat Apple’s iPad Mini 3, therefore there would be three tablets in the market facing competition on each other.

N1 VS Jolla Design and Display

N1 is exactly identical with iPad Mini 3except for the logos which differentiate each other. Nokia N1 measures 200.7 x 138.6 x 6.9 mm thick with 318 grams weight, the striking feature of N1 design is aluminum made unibody giving it a premium look which fairly compensates the price. It has 7.9 inches screen with 1536 x 2048 pixels resolution with very clear display of graphics and no less than its rival and the screen of the tablet is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which increase the reliability of the screen, here in this case the rival of Nokia N1 is Jolla Tablet. Jolla is made up with the shiny plastic which keeps away the tablet form the marks and print by measures Jolla tablet is 203 x 137 x 8.3 mm thin and has 384 grams of weight it has 7.85 inches IPS LCD display having 1536 x 2048 pixels resolution.

There is no doubt that both tablets have the good screen resolutions but Nokia N1 has the upper edge in design features first its aluminum body which increases the durability of the device and the N1 is more compact and less in weight in comparison to Jolla tablet and the other big difference between the both is the protection. The Nokia N1 screen is protected with Gorilla Glass 3 which increases the life of the tablet screen and Jolla has no screen protection. However Jolla Tablet is button free tablet but the screen size is almost the same. Display is not much different.

Operating System

Nokia N1 is Android based and runs the latest version Lollipop, as the recent HTC Nexus 9 has. The differentiating feature is the ability of Nokia N1 running Z launcher which is already available in Google play store. However Nokia is using this app exclusively for N1.


Jolla runs the manufacturers own operating system called Sailfish 2.0 and this is the first tablet running this operating system from this manufacturer the company claims that the operating system competes and performs better than three other operating systems that is Apple iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft Window. This operating system is open source linux based. It has the ability to run Android apps also.    

Processor and Memory

Here we compare the important aspect of the two tablets. N1 has 2.3GHz Quad Core processor paired with Intel Atom Z3580 and PowerVR G6430 GPU and has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB on board memory without external memory. The rival Jolla has Quad-core 1.8 GHz processor combined with Intel chipset and has 2GB of RAM and has 32 GB on board memory which can be extended up to 32 GB externally.

N1 has more powerful processor in comparison with Jolla; N1 does not have external memory whereas Jolla has this benefit of extending the memory. Both the tablets are still not in the market and we know about them only through media in form of rumors and press releases of the companies therefore the true comparison can be made only once the devices are practically used.   


Nokia N1 is equipped with a powerful camera of 8 mega pixels that is located at the rear. The front facing camera is 5 mega pixel which is more efficient in performance. It is rather more useful because the tablets are commonly used for video calls. The common rival of N1 and Jolla is iPad Mini 3 and in this case N1 is better equipped in camera than iPad Mini 3. The other device we are comparing with is Jolla. It is provided with 5 mega pixel rear camera with LED flash, auto focus, geo tagging and video recording. The secondary camera located in front is 2 mega pixels for selfies and video calling.

Comparing the cameras of the two, N1 has 8 mega pixels main camera as compare to 5 mega pixels in Jolla which is obviously less powerful. Similarly the front camera in N1 consist of 5 mega pixels as compare to 2 mega pixel in Jolla.


Jolla is powered with Non-removable Li-Ion 4300 mAh battery to run the whole system with all its features. Hopefully the company has given due consideration to power aspect while providing the battery. If we compare other devices already in market with this device and battery we can safely assume the power source is quite sufficient and the device will not be power starved nor the user would be embarrassed by low battery at critical time.

On the other Nokia is no less in battery power; it has a powerful Non-removable Li-Ion 5300 mAh battery. The company claims that it would provide power to the tablet for 9 hours under all condition of use and running all applications.

Comparing the two Nokia has more powerful battery and sufficient duration in use. However these are only the claims which cannot be verified at this stage unless they are put to test and in practical use.

Price and Release Date


Nokia has the plan to launch N1 starting from China in February 2015 on the eve of Chinese New Year. The price fixed for this device is $250. There is no confirmation about its release in European and North American markets.

Jolla Tablet is going to be release in the market somewhere in May 2015 and it has been booked at different price in the crowed funding campaign on its introductory ceremony. The initial one thousand pieces have been booked for $189, the next 1000 on $199 and for the others company says the remaining would be sold for $204 plus $20 for shipping. However no fixed price of market for the device has been declared. Jolla would be initially selling in 31 countries and now Canada and Australia has been included.     


In the above paragraphs we have compare Jolla 7.85 inches tablet with Nokia N1 7.9 inches slate. Both have their individual beauties and merits. Nokia is Android based with latest updates and capable of receiving further updates. It is fairly well configured and expected to be standard Nokia product but there are some weak points are present in the device such as the users are stuck on 32GB on board memory because the device have no card slot and the battery is non removable. Jolla is also well configured with its own good points. In all aspects it is comparable with Nokia N1 but has the plus point of microSD card for external memory. However this device is also powered with a non removable battery. It has its own Sailfish operating system good for the multi tasking, providing pleasant user interface and capable of running Android applications. This way Jolla tablet seems to be more capable and flexible than N1 which is only restricted to the Android and has no external memory from price point of view there is not much of difference in between the two. We have given a comparative study of the two devices; users can read and make their own decision to pur


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